Highlighting Perspective

From our deep belief of how light impacts the perception of any space, at Arlus we dedicated our experience to provide clients with a wide selection of light fittings that meets their objective in reforming any given space. Our products range will unfold enormous possibilities of light to contribute in inspirational creations. Arlus Lighting experts thrive continuously to bring cutting edge technical performance and innovative ideas to serve clients.

About Arlus

For more than 50 years Arlus has been designing and providing in partnership with architects, consultants, contractors, and users, comprehensive lighting solutions. Arlus saw light in the early 1980’s, in the prosperous capital of lighting France. At the time Arlus gave birth to a full range of florescent solutions including downlights, task, panel, track, open florescent, decorative, cove, linear, wafer & spot lighting. With the evolution of lighting industry, Arlus was always up to date with the contemporary requirements. Arlus is now launching an array of its significant lines compliant with the modern day needs of lighting. The extensive experience we created through fitting a wide range of projects, puts us a step ahead in fulfilling the exact client’s needs.

Now we witness Arlus flourishing in a revamped array of fittings designed in coordination with architects & lighting designers. We poured our experience in a complete new spectrum of solutions. The brand has been a reliable partner to architects worldwide, and now the range of products is dynamic more than ever before.

Our Values